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Hill Country

Texas DWI Lawyer Gary Trichter

John Gilmore (Of Counsel – Corpus Christi)

Corpus Christi DWI lawyer John Gilmore
Corpus Christi DWI lawyer John Gilmore

Gary Trichter has been defending citizens accused of DWI throughout Texas for over 35 years. When he is asked to represent a citizen in Corpus Christi, he often associates with Corpus Christi DWI lawyer, John Gilmore, who is one of Trichter & Murphy’s local lawyers in that area.

Gary and John have worked together for over five years now and have established a successful working relationship whereby each client gets the best of both worlds by the association and a great return on his or her monetary investment. John handles all preliminary and noncontested court appearances, whereas Gary handles all the contested court proceedings.

For example, Gary is always the lead lawyer in trials and evidentiary hearings, and John is always there to assist him. This representation structure offers the client a reduced fee while at the same time provides the benefit of being assisted by two superlative lawyers. Being local, John intimately knows the court and the prosecution’s personalities, i.e., the lay of the land, while Gary brings with him a reputation of being a scholarly gentleman and a highly skilled, effective advocate.