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Wipe Your Record Clean With A Expungement. Get It Done Right The First Time For Only $7,500

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Get Your Record Expunged The Right Way For $7,500 

Don't Settle For Just Any Expungement Attorney When You Want To Permanently Wipe And Clean Your Record.

You Need A Highly Experienced Attorney That Can Get It Done Right The First Time.

Avoid A Devastating Background Check And Wipe Your Record Clean With A Expungement! Don’t Let A Criminal Record Complicate Your Life.

Don’t Get Held Back By Your Past! Erase Your Criminal Record Now.

Time Machine For Your Criminal Record

Texas law allows for previous arrests, charges, and convictions to be expunged from your record under certain circumstances.

An expunction deletes all information about the arrest, charges or convictions from your criminal record and allows you to continue your life as if the incident had never occurred.

It's Like A Legal Time Machine that takes you back before the date of arrest. Not all charges and convictions can be expunged under Texas law.

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