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Trichter and LeGrand is proud to be the home of the first DWI Specialist in Texas, Gary LeGrand. With over 75 years combined experience at Trichter and LeGrand,  we are confident in DWI law and ready to fight with you on your DWI case. 

Our professional attorneys will fight aggressively with you and for you to retain your good name and attempt to keep your drivers license from being automatically suspended and avoid any likely jail time. Trichter and LeGrand are here to help you challenge your legal battles ahead.

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Being Charged With A DWI

Does Not Mean You're Guilty!

Our attorneys at Trichter and LeGrand have the experience and familiarity with DWI law, winning thousands of cases for our valued clients. In Jefferson County, our firm has the DWI team that has special training and experience in DWI law resulting in the success evidenced by our amazing record and satisfied DWI clients, having won their DWI cases in Jefferson County. 

Being charged with a DWI does not automatically mean that you are guilty of the charge. By law in Texas, you are given one chance to fight your case in court in an attempt to keep your license from being suspended or revoked, and to also try to avoid spending any valuable time in jail. It will be a great move to contact one of our highly qualified DWI attorneys today at Trichter and LeGrand, and start fighting the charges ahead of you.

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Two DIFFERENT Cases Against You

In the State of Texas, your DWI charge consists of two different cases against you. The first case against you in your DWI case is the charge by the State of Texas, which is the criminal case against you. With the criminal case, the state is looking to charge you with fines and jail time. 

The second case against you is the charge from the Department of Transportation, seeking to suspend or revoke your driver’s license. You have the right to challenge both cases in an attempt to stop your license from being suspended, and to also avoid any usual jail time that goes along with a DWI charge. 

The State of Texas will automatically suspend your driving privileges at the end of fifteen days after your DWI charge. You have the right in that 15 day period to stop your license from immediately being suspended by applying and winning for an Administrative License Revocation Hearing. 

It is important that you contact a DWI attorney to assist you in applying for an ALR as soon as possible so that there is not an immediate revocation of your license after fifteen days of your charge. In Jefferson Texas, Trichter and LeGrand has the team in place to help you secure your license in the fifteen day period. Call us today for a free consultation.

A DWI Can Cost You Your Job, License and Freedom

An unfortunate consequence to a DWI charge is the loss of your driving privileges in the State of Texas, impacting your driving to and from work, as usual. In many cases, reliable transportation is a necessity for a job, and a DWI can threaten that luxury some might take for granted until it is no longer an available option. Our attorney team at Trichter and LeGrand have the experience to help you fight to keep your license from being suspended and try to avoid spending any valuable time in jail. 

Another consequence of a DWI is that it goes on your permanent record. Often that can negatively impact your employment and other opportunities you have planned for. A DWI can be taken off of your permanent record by applying for an expungement hearing. You can only get an expunction if you win your case and not found guilty. 

If an expunction is granted, your charge can be wiped off of your permanent record. You can be free of the fear that your DWI will somehow prevent you from all that life has ready for you. Let our team at Trichter and LeGrand try to help you successfully get your record expunged, as if the charge never happened in the first place.

What Type of DWI Lawyer Do I Need in Jefferson County?

Most criminal attorneys will take your DWI case, but may not have the experience with DWI law to successfully handle your case. Trichter and LeGrand in Jefferson County is proud to be the home of the first DWI Specialist in Texas, Gary Trichter. 

Gary Trichter is one of only five DWI specialists in the entire state of Texas. This Board Certification comes from the National College for DUI Defense, which is approved by the American Bar Association and is accredited by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Gary has over 40 years of DWI case experience alone. WIth a combined 75 years of experience in the firm, we are confident we have the right team to fight your DWI case.

Penalties For a DWI in Jefferson County

The penalties for a DWI in Texas have changed, in September of 2019. For a class A and B license, the potential jail time has remained the same. For a first offense it is anywhere from 3 to 180 days in jail for a class B. For a class A license, the jail time remains 365 days in jail. The fines however have risen. 

For a first time DWI offender, the fine is now up to $3,000. To be paid within a 36 month period. For a second subsequent DWI offense, the fine has gone up to $4,500, also to be paid in 36 months. Finally. If at the time of analysis, your blood alcohol level is .15 or higher, your fine goes up to $6,000.

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Your Free DWI Consultation Is Just A Phone Call Away

You are permitted one chance in Texas to fight the DWI charges you are faced with. Your call today to Trichter and LeGrand may be the most important call you make after receiving your DWI charge in fighting the legal battle ahead of you. 

Every DWI case is unique and requires a different approach. Our team at Trichter and LeGrand will take each case and study it while sharing all pertinent information regarding your case with you along the way. We will keep you informed of the penalties that go along with your case as we fight for your and with you in a court of law against your DWI charge. Our ultimate goal is to have your case dismissed.

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