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Trichter and LeGrand is the home of Texas’ first DWI Specialist Gary Trichter. WIth a combined 75 years of experience, we are confident we have the team to fight your DWI case. Our determined legal counsel will fight aggressively to keep your good name and challenge the DWI charges against you. The winning combination gives our clients peace of mind to fight the legal battles ahead. 

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Being Charged With A DWI

Does Not Mean You're Guilty!

With thousands of DWI cases successfully fought and won on behalf of our valued clients, our team at Trichter and LeGrand has highly qualified attorneys, who specialize in DWI cases and have the experience and confidence to help you fight your DWI case in Montgomery Texas. 

Simply being charged with a DWI does not mean you are guilty. You are given the opportunity to fight the case against you in a court of law in an attempt to keep your license and try to avoid any jail time. It is a good idea to take immediate action today by contacting trichter and LeGrand to get one of our expert lawyers on your side.

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Two DIFFERENT Cases Against You

In the state of Texas, a DWI case consists of two separate charges against you. The first charge is a charge by the Department of Transportation, who will be seeking to suspend or revoke your driver’s license. The second case against you is by the State of texas, which is the criminal case that holds both fines and jail time. Both can be fought in court to save you from losing your license and spending valuable time in jail.

Within 15 days of your DWI charge, your license can be suspended. The State of Texas gives you one chance in this fifteen day period to request a LIcense Revocation Hearing to stop your driver’s license from being immediately suspended or revoked. It is important that you take immediate action and advantage of this time and hire a reputable DWI lawyer as soon as possible to assist you in an attempt to have no interruption with your driving privileges. In Montgomery Texas, Trichter and LeGrand are here to help you try to avoid any lapse or suspension with your license.

A DWI Can Cost You Your Job, License and Freedom

Aside from the costly fines that come along with a DWI, you also run the risk of losing your license. That is another expense you could do without. We tend to take our driving privileges for granted until we no longer have the privilege anymore. Most people depend on driving to and from work. If you have your license suspended by Texas, it may interfere with your ability to get to work or have reliable transportation. Sometimes unfortunately ending in losing your job. We do not want that happening to you.

A DWI goes on your permanent record, which in some cases can negatively affect employment or other opportunities in life. There is a way to have it disappear from your record by having it expunged, as if the charge never existed. In that case, you will need a well versed and experienced DWI lawyer who is educated in DWI law and knows it inside and out. After beating your case against the State of Texas and the Department of Transportation, you can go up for an expungement hearing, and if granted, your DWI charge will vanish from your record. 

What Type Of DWI Attorney Do You Need?

Most criminal attorneys will take your DWI case, but not all have the education or experience on the technicalities of this type of charge. It is important to have a lawyer who knows DWI law specifically when fighting your case. With over 75 years of experience on our legal team at Trichter and LeGrand, we are proud to have Gary Trichter, his expertise and Texas DWI specialized training. 

Gary Trichter has over 40 years of experience fighting all different levels of DWI cases in the state of Texas, as well as the education and certification from the National College of DUI Defense. Which is recognised by the American Bar Association. One of only five DWI specialists in the great State of Texas. Trichter and LeGrand is home to the first specially certified DWI specialist in Texas.

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Texas gives you one chance after you DWI charge to fight the case against you. If you have been cited for a DWI, give us a call today at Trchter and LeGrand. It will be the most important call you will make today to fight your DWI case.

Every DWI case is different and unique and requires a different approach. We will study your case and give you all of the information pertaining to your charge as well as the penalties that go along with it. We will keep you informed from the beginning as we fight for you to keep your license, but our ultimate goal is to have your case dismissed. Our DWI hotline is open 24/7, for all of your questions. 

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