Marijuana & DWI

In this short 5 minute video DWI Attorney Aaron White talks about Marijuana and DWI. Did you know you could get a DWI without drinking

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What Makes a DWI/DUI Law Firm?

1.   Introduction Lots of lawyers can do DWI/DUI cases, however, only a very few dedicate themselves to exclusively do that work.  Where a lawyer limits himself

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Felony DWI
Jim Slaton

What is a DWI Specialist?

713.524.1010 24/7 FREE CONSULTATION WHAT IS A DWI SPECIALIST? Gary Trichter – 1st DWI Specialist In State Of Texas Searching the internet to find the

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I’ve been charged with DWI, now what?

Getting arrested for DWI in Texas may be one of the most stressful and traumatic events in your life. Although a first offense DWI is still a misdemeanor, it’s nothing like getting a traffic ticket and for people who have never been in trouble with the law, it’s their first experience with being …

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Pilot Expungement Versus Record Sealing in a DWI

If you got a DWI, that’s a bad thing because it has so many collateral consequences. One bad collateral consequence impacts your ability to fly in some form or fashion. You certainly need to consider whether it needs to be reported to the FAA. Getting a DWI can …

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DWI and Pilots

There’s nothing more important and more fun in my life than be able to fly. If you’re like me, I know exactly how you feel. If you were to be so unfortunate as to suffer a DWI, you need to be concerned about your flying privileges. You need to be concerned about your certificate, your rating, and any authorizations because …

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Collateral Consequences for Pilots with DWI

Imagine being on a trip where you’re flying somewhere and you’re having a good time. You don’t tend to do anything bad, you don’t intend to do anything stupid, and you don’t intend to commit a crime. You land in town and you get a courtesy car or you get a rental car and you’re out with friends…

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Pilots 60-Day Rule with a DWI

If you’re a pilot and suffer some type of a conviction for a criminal offense, a misdemeanor, or a felony greater than a traffic ticket, you’re probably going to have to report that to the FAA in writing. We know this because federal aviation rule 60.14 says upon a conviction for a non-traffic offense …

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What Pilots Need to Know about DWI

What do you do if you’re a pilot and get a DWI? Should you take the field sobriety test or refuse? Will you lose your FAA license? How long will you lose your license? Do you have to report a DWI to the FAA? How long do you have to report a DWI to the FAA? Get the answers…

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