Can I avoid losing my license if I get a DWI?

When you are arrested for DWI, the State of Texas is required to give you a Notice of Suspension Temporary Driving Permit (DIC-23) and a Statutory Warning (DIC-24). These documents serve three purposes: 1) To remind you that you were arrested for DWI; 2) To inform you …

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Will the court take my license if I get a DWI?

Many people have the misconception — especially police officers and courts — that a driver gives deemed consent to testing when they obtain their driver’s license. This “misconception” is based upon Texas’s deemed consent law found at Section 724.011 of the Texas Transportation Code which provides ….

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Should I refuse a breath or blood test?

Law enforcement officers can seize your driver’s license if you have refused or failed a breath and/or blood test. If this happens, the officer should also issue you a temporary driving certificate authorizing you to drive legally for 40 days. Furthermore, although your license has been seized …

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What is an ALR hearing?

It is important to hire an aggressive DWI attorney to represent you at your ALR hearing. The rules of evidence and procedure apply and a judge employed by the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) will hear the evidence usually against a seasoned DPS prosecutor. The ALR Hearing is…

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What is a felony DWI?

Felony DWI in Texas charges are very serious and can have a major impact on your life beyond just the punishment stated. A felony conviction can disqualify you from voting, obtaining certain jobs, renting certain apartments, and owning a firearm. There are four intoxication-related offenses …

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What are the penalties for a DWI?

The penalties for a first-time Houston DWI conviction depend greatly on whether your BAC level was above or below .15. Below is a Class B misdemeanor while above a .15 is a Class A misdemeanor. There are other penalties that you should consider…

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How does a DWI affect gun ownership?

Most people do not realize how a drug conviction like marijuana possession and a DWI affects gun ownership, your driver’s license and your professional licenses. The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) will suspend your driver’s license for 180 days if you are convicted of …

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What is a DWI 3rd offense and its punishments?

According to the State of Texas, a DWI third offense is when an individual is arrested for DWI and has previously been convicted two times of DWI. If you are convicted of a third DWI, this third-degree felony can result in a fine up to $10,000, between two and 10 years in the Texas Department …

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What are the flaws of field sobriety tests?

It’s no surprise that DWI sobriety tests are designed so that you will fail them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website: “The Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) is a battery of three tests administered and evaluated in a standardized manner to obtain validated …

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How long can the state use a prior DWI conviction?

If you have prior DWI convictions, the prosecution can use previous offenses against you forever. Whether it’s been 10, 20, even 30 years since your prior conviction, the prosecution can use it to enhance your punishment for a current DWI conviction.

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