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New strap for Apple Watch monitors BAC levels

Apple Watch Breathalyzer

It's a common question for those of us go out with friends and have a few pops: If you were to be pulled over and subjected to a blood or breath test, what would your blood alcohol level or BAC be?

BACtrack, a San Francisco-based company has been creating breathalyzers for consumers, businesses, schools, clinics, hospitals, the military, and law enforcement since 2001, has created Skyn which like an Apple Watch breathalyzer. It’s a breathalyzer that comes with Apple Watch strap options, allowing the wearer to easily check their blood alcohol content from their wrist on the go.

We think this is a good idea for those who are concerned about how much they’ve had to drink and to have an “idea” as to whether or not it’s safe for them to drive. We want our roads to be safe for everyone; after all, we have families too. But, since this is a new product and we haven’t had it tested by our experts, we don’t know how accurate it is in measuring BAC levels.

You can read the Apple Insider article that talks about the product here.