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Blog: Vince Young DWI Video demonstrates “Opinion Crime”
March 2, 2017

The release of the Vince Young DWI video of his arrest reminds me of the routine question I am regularly asked as a board certified DWI lawyer: What should I do if I am stopped for DWI? Do I answer the officer’s questions? Do I attempt to do “sob ...

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Blog: The consequences of a DWI on CHL Texas concealed handgun license
February 27, 2017

The words echoed out Charton Heston like Moses on Mount Sinai as he held up a flintlock rifle and said, “Out of my cold dead hands.” Many citizens of the State of Texas hold the late, Mr. Heston’s sentiments and the 2nd Amendment close to thei ...

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Blog: The Unjust Burden of DWI Bond Conditions
February 6, 2017

The framers of our constitution insisted the accused shall always remain innocent unless proven guilty. But DWI bond conditions or being on bond for a driving while intoxicated case in Texas may make you feel as though your guilt has already been det ...

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Blog: Deferred Adjudication Unavailable in DWI Cases
February 2, 2017

DWI and Deferred Adjudication Being charged with driving while intoxicated is a life altering event. Not only are you subject to the embarrassment of being arrested and appearing in court but you are treated differently than almost everyone one else ...

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Texas QuestionsVideos: What is the Blood and Breath Testing Myth?
April 3, 2017

As discussed earlier this series, there are many intricacies involved in the DWI laws in Texas. Defense attorneys in Houston often hear client stories that could have been prevented if the person had a clearer understanding of the law. No where is t ...

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BlogTexas Questions: How a DWI affect gun ownership in Texas
January 27, 2017

How a DWI And Drug Conviction Affect Your Privileges of Owning a gun, driving a car, holding a professional license and keeping a clean record. Most people do not realize how a drug conviction like marijuana possession and a DWI affects gun owners ...

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Blog: The facts about Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana
January 23, 2017

When most people think of “DWI” and “DUI” they generally relate it to alcohol. But with an ever-increasing number of states legalizing marijuana, either for medical or recreational purposes, law enforcement is focusing on driving unde ...

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Blog: You know there are two possible license suspensions in every DWI arrest.
January 16, 2017

Generally speaking, those who are arrested for DWI are equally as concerned about going to jail as they are about losing their driving privileges. Indeed, each DWI arrest has the potential for two separate license suspensions, one for being convicted ...

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Blog: New strap for Apple Watch monitors BAC levels
January 9, 2017

Apple Watch Breathalyzer It’s a common question for those of us go out with friends and have a few pops: If you were to be pulled over and subjected to a blood or breath test, what would your blood alcohol level or BAC be? BACtrack, a San Fra ...

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Blog: Earning Honorary Naval Aviator Wings: A Visit to USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)
August 12, 2016

By J. Gary Trichter Did you ever dream about what it would be like to land on an aircraft carrier?  Go ahead and close your eyes and visualize that you are in deep concentration not only approaching a very small but growing target that is moving at ...

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Texas DWI Questions

  • What is a DWI 3rd or more and the potential punishment?
  • What is a felony DWI?
  • What is DWI 2nd and the potential punishment?
  • How long will a DWI arrest or a DWI conviction in Texas stay on my record? How will it affect my automobile insurance rates?
  • What is an administrative license revocation (ALR), and why is it important to have an ALR hearing?
  • What are the penalties for a DWI in Texas?
  • What is DUI and its potential punishment?
  • What is DWI and its potential punishment?


According to the State of Texas, a DWI third offense is when an individual is arrested for DWI and has previously been convicted two times of DWI. If you are convicted of a third DWI, this third-degree felony can result in A fine up to $10,000 Betwe ...

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Felony DWI in Texas charges are very serious and can have a major impact on your life beyond just the punishment stated. A felony conviction can disqualify you from voting, obtaining certain jobs, renting certain apartments, and owning a firearm. T ...

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DWI 2nd is a serious charge. According to the State of Texas, a DWI 2nd charge is when you are arrested for DWI and have previously been convicted once of driving while intoxicated. There is no limit to how old your previous conviction may be in orde ...

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A DWI conviction produces a permanent record. It is also important to note that a DWI probation, which is also a final conviction, will remain permanently on your criminal record. If, however, your DWI conviction case results in a dismissal, then the ...

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The best reason to request an administrative license revocation hearing or ALR hearing, first and foremost, is to try to save your driver’s license. The ALR Program is “a civil administrative process unrelated to criminal court proceedings, i ...

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THE PENALTIES FOR DWI IN TEXAS ARE: The First-Offense penalties for DWI conviction with less than a .15 BAC includes the possibility of a fine not to exceed $2,000.00 and/or a jail sentence from 3 days to 180 days, and a driver’s license suspensio ...

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Before 1983, DUI meant driving under the influence of drugs or narcotics, but now it only pertains to minors. In Texas, it is never permissible for minors to have any alcohol in their body and drive. DUI punishment as a result of a charge does not re ...

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DWI is a criminal offense which prohibits you from operating a motor vehicle in a public place while “intoxicated” is defined as having lost the normal use of either mental or physical faculties, or having a .08 alcohol level in either your breat ...

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Past Results from actual DWI clients

Television reporter with spouse was in a one-car accident after hitting a tree. .20 BAC — Case Dismissed


President of brokerage firm was arrested driving home after a meeting with colleagues. Registered a .19 blood test. - Not Guilty.


Business owner was arrested for DWI while driving home after company birthday party. - Not Guilty.


College student was arrested for DWI on beach over spring break. Failed blood test. - Not Guilty.