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pilot with a suspended driver license

DWI and Driver License Suspensions for Pilots

If you are a Texas pilot with a suspended driver license because you’ve been charged with DWI, you need a Texas criminal defense attorney who understands pilots and their special circumstances in these types of cases.

J. Gary Trichter: Pilot and a DWI Board-Certified Specialist

DWI Pilot's License
DWI Attorney Gary Trichter’s 1984 L-39C Albatros N72BT aircraft.

J. Gary Trichter is both a Board-Certified DWI Specialist and a licensed pilot. He understands both the pleasure and the enormous responsibility of being an aircraft pilot and what’s at stake when a pilot is arrested for DWI. Whether you fly private or commercial, an airplane or helicopter, if you are arrested for DWI, the potential penalties are severe. The laws surrounding DWI can be complex. You need an experienced, aggressive DWI Specialist like Gary Trichter to guide you.

The Impact on a Pilot with a Suspended Driver License Because of a DWI Arrest

DWI Specialist J. Gary Trichter can help a pilot with a suspended driver's license due to a DWI arrest.
DWI Specialist and pilot J. Gary Trichter Stands next to his T-28C, otherwise known as the “Poor Man’s P-51.

A DWI Specialist knows that if you are convicted of DWI, you must file a pilot’s first-class medical application and report your status within 60 days of the conviction to the FAA as well as to the Civil Action Security Division in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In addition, if your driver license is suspended because you refused a breath or blood test, you must report the actions taken by the court as a result of your DUI conviction. You must also report to the FAA Civil Action Security Division within 60 days if your pilot’s license is suspended through DMV proceedings. As pilot with a suspended driver license, if you fail to report your DWI conviction or driver license suspension, you risk further, even sharper penalties.

Gary Trichter’s Aviation Biography

DWI Specialist pilot
DWI Specialist and pilot, J. Gary Trichter stands next to his O2A aircraft.

Gary Trichter has been flying for almost two decades and has amassed thousands of hours of flight time. He has published several articles including:

B25 Adventure

Davis-Monthan USAF Base: A Boneyard or a Diamond in the Desert? It’s All a Matter of View

Hard-Learned Lessons

Pilots, Drunk Driving, Administrative License Suspensions, the FAA, and Legal Malpractice

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The Poor Man’s P-51: The T-28 Trojan

Earning Honorary Naval Aviator Wings: A Visit to USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)


DWI Specialist Attorney Gary Trichter Pilot B-52
DWI Specialist and Pilot J. Gary Trichter sponsors the Yellow Rose of Texas a B-52 aircraft similar to the one his father flew in World War II.

Gary’s certifications include CFI, CFII, and MEI. He is presently the proud owner of a Robinson helicopter, a R44 II. In the past he has owned a Beechcraft Bonanza 35, a Beechcraft Baron 55, a Pitts S1T, an Espano Aviation Casa Saeta Jet trainer (actually designed by Willie Messerschmitt), a North American T28C (the very first one the U.S. Navy owned), a Hughes 500 helicopter (the military version and actual Vietnam Veteran, an OH6), and a Cessna 337 (another actual military version and Vietnam Veteran, an O2A). He is a member of the Commemorative Air Force and formerly was the aircraft coordinator for the CAF B25 Devil Dog.

Experienced Pilot and DWI Attorney

Gary is also an aircraft sponsor on not only the B25 Devil Dog but also the B25 Yellow Rose. As an aside, notwithstanding that no pilot wants to jump out of a perfectly good airplane at 10,000 or 11,000 feet, Gary has four jumps to his credit. Accordingly, the combined aviation experience he has as an instructor, an aerobatic performer, a participant in formation flying, and a performer in numerous CAF military-based air shows – a wealth of knowledge to combine with his over 35 years of lawyer experience – makes him unique in knowing the pitfalls for pilots associated with having been arrested and/or suffering a driver’s license suspension, especially in DWI/DUI/BWI/FWI-related matters.

Legal Experience

DWI Specialist and pilot, Attorney J. Gary Trichter has owned sever aircraft including a V-tail Bonanza like this.
DWI Specialist and pilot, Attorney J. Gary Trichter has owned sever aircraft including a V-tail Bonanza like this.

Gary Trichter has practiced in over 30 states, in Federal District Courts, and in Federal Courts of Appeals. He is licensed before the United States Supreme Court and in Alaska, Colorado, Texas, and Wyoming. He has published over 50 legal articles; co-authored a textbook, Texas Drunk Driving Law; and taught defense lawyers, prosecutors, and judges in over 280 legal seminars. Most important, Gary is one of only four DWI Specialists in the state of Texas. He understands the impact on a pilot with a suspended driver license due to a DWI arrest.

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