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FWI DWI Attorney Defends Flying While Intoxicated Pilots

FWI – Flying While Intoxicated Criminal Defense

AOPA Flight Instructor Certification
Attorney Gary Trichter is a certified AOPA Air Safety Institute Flight Instructor

FWI or Flying while intoxicated arrests are somewhat rare, but they do happen. The strict rules outlined by the FAA regulating the consumption of alcohol by crew members of any civil aircraft, whether commercial or private, prohibit anyone from acting as a crew member if he or she has consumed alcohol within 8 hours of a flight, while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .04 or greater. Any pilot or crew member who is convicted of violating any of these provisions can face imprisonment, fines, and revocation of his or her pilot’s license.

FWI and Implied Consent

As a pilot, you operate under an implied consent law that is similar to the rules governing vehicles on the ground. This law means that if you are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you must take a chemical test when requested. If you refuse the test, you could be levied a substantial fine and risk your pilot’s license being suspended or, worse, revoked.

If you’re a pilot and you have been arrested for DWI or FWI, call DWI Specialist Gary Trichter to learn about your rights and options.