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DWI Attorney Testimonials


Here’s what our clients say about us.

“I used this law firm for a DWI I was accused of. I was pulled over on the 2014 News Year no refusal weekend and accused of driving drunk. Not only was I arrested but I was asked to give a breath test in which I refused. So the officers actually took me to the hospital and took a blood specimen from me. Usually when you refuse to blow its automatic drivers license suspension for a year I believe. Well, 2 months into my case my drivers license portion of the case was not suspended and that part of the case was dropped. Next thing I know about two months later my criminal charges of DWI was dropped as well. This is not no plea deal or nothing like that. This is case closed, no fines, no fees, no nothing. He is now helping me with the paperwork to file to expunge this charge is off my record. When you first meet with the law firm you will about pass out when they say there retainer fee is about $8,000. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!!!!!! This has been the best $8,000 I have ever spent. I highly recommend this law firm and ask for Wes Rucker as your attorney. If you go onto their website and read his bio, you will understand this guy is definitely no fly by night lawyer. He is very educated and very very good as what he does. They handle everything and make this very uncomfortable situation very very bearable. I hope this review was helpful.” — B.B.


“When my wife got arrested, I didn’t want to trust her case to just any attorney, so I hired Gary Trichter because he’s been doing this longer than just about anyone in Houston. He was incredible talking to her and guiding us through our options. Her case ended up being dismissed, so I would recommend him and his team every day.” — M.H.


“Gary has a remarkably high commitment to the quality of work and genuine concern for his clients. Instead of tricks, he uses knowledge and skill to get to the truth. I have recommended him to others who continue to express gratitude for that recommendation. His guidance and support helped me through some hard times. As a police officer, he is feared and respected because he has built an incredible reputation of respect and effectiveness. He is truly the best.” — Mark.

Gary proved to be a remarkable gentleman who combines all the qualities necessary to get the job done for his clients. I found Mr. Trichter to be a man of high integrity, who works tirelessly and efficiently.

Upon his hiring, Gary took firm control of my situation. His tact is unquestionable, and his personality a breath of fresh air in a somewhat pretentious business. He is completely trustworthy in every respect.

It isn’t often I feel so strongly to take pen in hand. I’m happy to recommend him.” — Neal


“Gary was the steady hand in a sea of uncertainty as I went through my DWI arrest–one of the most traumatic events in my life. I felt guilty and helpless because I had no idea what my rights were. There was so much at stake and he calmed me down and let me know that everything would be okay. I’ve never felt more secure and comforted. He is an amazing and caring defense attorney– just wonderful!” — Mike


“Mr. Trichter saved me from an alleged DWI. One morning prior to trial, the presiding Judge smiled, then acknowledged Mr. Trichter’s presence in the Court Room and asked him to step up to the bench where they exchanged pleasantries. Out of the several other lawyers present, Mr. Trichter was the only one the Judge spoke with socially. He is a TOP GUN attorney and dressed better than any other lawyer in Court that day.” — Steve