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  • DWI and Pilots

    There’s nothing more important and more fun in my life than be able to fly. If you’re like me, I know exactly how you feel. If you were to be so unfortunate as to suffer a DWI, you need to be concerned about your flying privileges. You need to be concerned about your certificate, your rating, and any authorizations because …

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  • Pilot Expungement Versus Record Sealing in a DWI

    If you got a DWI, that’s a bad thing because it has so many collateral consequences. One bad collateral consequence impacts your ability to fly in some form or fashion. You certainly need to consider whether it needs to be reported to the FAA. Getting a DWI can …

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  • What is an expunction?

    In order to qualify for an expunction, your offense must meet the following criteria: 1) You were wrongly arrested, but never prosecuted, 2) Your case was dismissed, 3) You went to trial and the Judge or Jury found you Not Guilty. Just because your case was dismissed doesn’t mean…

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