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Being Charged With A DWI

Does Not Mean You're Guilty!

Being Charged With A DWI In Walker County Does Not Mean You’re Guilty! 

You Need A Walker County DWI Lawyer Who Specializes In DWI Cases 24/7. 

DWI Defense Is What We Do Best With 1,000s Of Cases Won & Dismissed. 

Make Sure You Find the best Walker County DWI Lawyer That Is Right For Your case. 

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Two DIFFERENT Cases Against You

When You Are Charged With A DWI In Walker County You Have Two Separate Cases Against You

1) One Case Is By The Texas DPS To Suspend Your Drivers License.

2) The Other Is The Criminal Case By The State of Texas.

After A DWI Arrest You Have Some Urgent Deadlines. 

You Only Have 15 Days To Act

You Have exactly 15 Days From The Date Of Your Arrest To request an administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing to keep your driver license from being suspended. 

Do not forfeit your driver’s license by simply allowing the 15 day deadline to pass. 

Time is against you, It’s imperative you gain legal representation as soon as possible.


We have experience winning difficult cases. You Need To Win Your DWI Case Because If Convicted It Will Stay On Your Record For Life

But If You Win Your Case Then You Can Get An Expunction Which Will Erase It From Your Record Like It Never Happened. 

It’s Not Possible To Get An Expunction If You’re Convicted. 

You Only Have One Chance To Win Your Case So Choose Your Defense Wisely. 

Driving While Intoxicated cases are complex and require a vast knowledge of DWI law and most often the science of breath and blood testing. 

Hiring an experienced DWI Lawyer who understands the science behind the tests used by the government in blood alcohol analysis can save you from a permanent Criminal conviction on your record. 


Many Criminal Defense lawyers Will Take A DWI Case But Most Of Them Don’t know or have experience with Texas DWI Law. 

You Want A Walker County DWI Lawyer that focuses solely on DWI Law

A DWI Lawyer Who Knows the prosecution, the judges and How To Fight These Types Of Cases. 

Not All DWI Lawyers Have The Same Qualifications. 

There Are Only Four (4) DWI Specialists In The State Of Texas And This Certification Is only Given By The National College Of DUI Defense Which Is Recognized By The American Bar Association. 

Trichter & LeGrand Is Home To The 1st DWI Specialist In Texas Gary Trichter. 

Gary has over 40 years fighting cases like yours and our DWI lawyers have more than 75 years combined experience With 5-Star Ratings By Our Clients.



The Penalties for a DWI in Texas Changed Sept 1, 2019. 

The Jail Penalties For A Class B & A Remain The Same, Ie 72 Hours To 180 Days In Jail For A Class B And 365 Days For A Class A. However, Fines Have Now Increased And Are:

1) Up To $3,000 For First Conviction To Be Paid Within 36 Months;

2) Up To $4,500 For A Second Or Subsequent Conviction Within 36 Months; And,

3) Up To $6,000 For A First Or Subsequent Conviction If There Is A BAC Result Of 0.15. The Statute Says The Critical Time Of The 0.15 Is Not The Time Of Driving, But Rather, The Time Of The Analysis. 

Houston DWI Lawyer With 1,000s Cases Won & Dismissed At Trichter And LeGrand Law Firm

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You Only Have One Chance To Win Your Case So Choose Your Defense Wisely. 

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We will help you every step of the way By protecting your driver’s license, Representing You In Court, and creating a successful legal strategy tailored to your unique case. 

Our #1 Goal Is Dismissal. 

We Always Try To Get Your Case Dismissed Or Fight for The Most Favorable Outcome Possible. 

If You win Your Case We Can Help You Get it permanently expunged from your record. 

Expunctions act like a time machine taking you back to the time before the arrest Ever occurred.


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