Create Longer Sections. by Adding as Much Content as You Want

You are no longer forced to use limited content, now, you can add as much content as you want to each section used inside Vertical Scroll Elementor Widget and it will be counted as an overflow section. That’s beside the new option that has been recently added to Elementor Vertical Scroll Widget which will allow you to enable the Full Section Scroll on smart/touch devices. Now, Vertical Scroll Widget is working perfectly on smartphones.

Outstanding Addition. to Premium Addons Free Bundle

We are so glad to add one of the most needed widgets to Premium Addons free bundle since many users already asked for it. Vertical Scroll Elementor Widget is one of the free Elementor widgets we offer in our plugin and if you are interested in vertical scrolling, you can check Elementor Multi-Scroll widget which has even more advanced functionality.

Do you have a single landing page website and looking for a good yet modern way to display your single page’s content? Well, Elementor Vertical Scroll Widget will do the job for you! This easy-to-use widget will take your landing page to a brand new level. No coding skills are required and no cost is needed, all you need to do is to install and activate Elementor Page Builder and Premium Addons for Elementor free plugins on your WordPress website.
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Perfectly Working on Mobile and Tablets. No Need to Write an Extra Line of Code

Advanced customization options are included in Elementor Vertical Scroll widget to give you the full control to adjust your Vertical Scroll landing page on different devices and screen sizes including tablets and smartphones.
Feel free to create your Vertical Scroll sections using whatever content you want. The canvas is yours, add whatever Elementor widgets you want and use it as content for your Vertical Scroll Elementor sections. That’s beside you will have the ability to choose from two Content Types; Elementor Template or Section ID.

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Supercharge your Elementor Page Builder with 60+ highly customizable Elementor Widgets, Section Add-ons, and Global Features. That’s beside, 400+ pre-made Elementor section templates that will give you the ability to build sophisticated websites in less time with no coding skills required.