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DWI Specialist Gary Trichter has multiple Certified Flight Instructor ratings, he is a CFI, CFII (Instrument), and MEI (Multi-Engine) and he provides FAA guidance to pilots charged with DWI, other intoxication offenses, and drivers license suspensions. 

Gary is presently the proud owner of a R66 Robinson helicopter, Cessna Golden Eagle 421C, and 2 Aero Vodochody Albatros L39Cs. In the past, he owned a Beechcraft Bonanza V35, Beechcraft Baron 55, Pitts S1T, Pitts M12, Espano Aviation Casa Saeta Jet trainer (actually designed by Willie Messerschmitt), North American T28C (the very first one the U.S. Navy had and was based on the aircraft carrier USS Lexington), Hughes 500 helicopter (the military version and actual Vietnam Veteran, an OH6), and a Cessna 337 (another Vietnam Veteran, an O2A).


Robinson Helicopter (R66)

Cessna Golden Eagle 421C



Gary is a Colonel [member] in the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) and formerly was the aircraft coordinator for the B25 Devil Dog. Gary is an aircraft sponsor for both the B25 “Devil Dog” and B25 “Yellow Rose”.

The Devil Dog is a B-25J-30-NC. The Serial Number is 44-86758. She was built in Fairfax – Kansas City, Kansas in early 1945. The B-25J-30-NC SN 44-86758 now flying as “Devil Dog” was delivered on June 26, 1945. She was originally placed into storage at a satellite field of Mather Army Air Field, California.

In August of 1945, she was moved to storage in Smoky Hill, Kansas. By September of 1945, she would be placed in storage in Independence, Missouri. In August of 1947 she was moved to Pyote, Texas. She was removed from storage in June of 1951 and modified for maintenance before being sent to Culver Field, California for conversion to a TB-25K. Her first assignment was to James Connally Air Force Base, Texas for use at the radar intercept training facility. In December of 1957, she was flown back to storage.

In April of 1958, she was sold to Arrow Sales of North Hollywood, California. Her registration was assigned as N9643C. In August of 1958, she was sold to H. H. Coffield of Rockdale, Texas. Mr. Coffield had purchased at least five B-25s for a planned air cargo service. One of two that were converted for service, she had the K nose removed and replaced with a solid nose. Between 1961 and 1965, she was used to transport cargo.

She was again sold in February of 1976 to W. A. Wooten and V. E. Thorpe of Harlingen, Texas. Her first flight after restoration was July of 1981. In August of 1991, she was transferred to the American Airpower Heritage Museum. In November of 2001, she was damaged during a landing accident at Lancaster, Texas. Damage to the starboard wing, propeller and engine sustained damage that was repaired. By 2009, she was grounded in need of restoration. Major work was completed. During 2016 winter maintenance, she received a new coat of paint: Devil Dog Squadron Website

Aircraft - B25 Yellow Rose

The “Yellow Rose”, the christened name of the vintage B-25J Mitchell WWII bomber, is once again touring the American skies. The bomber is completely restored to its wartime capabilities and is operated by the Commemorative Air Force Central Texas Wing.

The B-25J-5-NC SN 43-27868 now flying as “Yellow Rose” was delivered on April 26, 1944. In May of 1944 she was assigned to the 334th Bombardment Group and then to the 330th AAF Base Unit, 3rd AF, Greenville Army Air Field, South Carolina. She was used at a pilot and crew trainer and deployed to Myrtle Beach AAF, SC and Columbia AAF, SC during this period. In November of 1944 the aircraft was assigned to the 112th AAF Base Unit in Hartford AAF, CT. In December of 1945, it was flown to South Plains Field, Texas were it was placed into open storage. 

In July of 1947, it would be moved to Pyote, Texas. In July of 1949 she was removed from storage and assigned to the 3750th Technical Training Wing as a ground instructional airframe at Shepard AFB, Texas. In September of 1956 the aircraft underwent a Hayes modification to a TB-25N and by May of 1957 was assigned to the 3640th Pilot Training Wing at Laredo AFB. By August of 1959, she was back in storage at Davis-Monthan.

Released by the military in December 11, 1959, she was sold to Fogle Aircraft Company of Tucson Arizona. She was again sold in February 1960 to Dothan Aviation Corp. of Dothan Alabama. A civil registration of N9077Z was issued in March of 1960. She was modified for agricultural spraying and dusting in January 1962. By October of 1975, she was sold to John Stokes of San Marcos Texas. In September of 1977 was sold again to Charles Skipper, Charles Becker, and Jack Jones. She was bought by the Confederate Air Force in July of 1979 and her registration was changed to the current N25YR: B-25 Yellow Rose Website

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