1st DWI Specialist in The State Of Texas

Attorney Gary Trichter was the 1st Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Specialist in Texas and one of only four attorneys in Texas who have been board certified as DUI Defense Attorneys by the National College for DUI Defense. This is the only entity approved by the American Bar Association to issue this qualification. Since the Texas Bar Association has no board certification in DWI Defense, it recognizes only the ABA DWI board certification. We also have vast experience with boating while intoxicated, drug possession charges.

Don’t lose Your DWI Fight!

When you are pulled over on suspicion of Driving While Intoxicated the likelihood of being arrested is 95% as soon as you step out of the car. With a Houston DWI attorney from Trichter & LeGrand, P.C. in your corner, we’ll aggressively defend your rights. Being arrested in Texas for DWI, or DUI (for minors under 21 years) can be devastating both personally and professionally. It can cost you thousands of dollars in fines and fees and could cost you your job.

At Trichter & LeGrand, we aggressively fight for your rights.

We Have Defended Thousands Of Clients

Recognized DWI lawyers, we practice all over Texas. We’ve taught judges, other attorneys, and police officers across the country about Texas DUI law and the rights of those arrested. Use our experience to defend your case. Do not leave your reputation in the hands of a less experienced Houston Driving While Intoxicated attorney.


We Wrote The Book On Driving While Intoxicated

Our Founder, Gary Trichter, Is A DWI Specialist By The National College For DUI Defense And Has Been Aggressively Defending Texas Clients Who Need To Preserve Their Valuable Reputations Since 1980. He Co-Authored The Textbook, Texas Drunk Driving Law, And Has Authored Or Co-Authored More Than 46 Legal And Aviation Articles.

His Partner, Leslie LeGrand, Is Board-Certified In Criminal Law By The Texas Board Of Legal Specialization And Recognized As A Leading Houston DWI Attorney. Together, They Have Spoken At More Than 300 Seminars On Criminal Defense And Driving While Intoxicated, And They Have Taught Lawyers, Judges, And Prosecutors About Various Aspects Of The Law.

DWI Defense All Over Texas

Trichter & LeGrand Defends Clients All Over Texas From Our Offices In Houston And Bandera. We Practice In All Counties Including Harris County, Montgomery County, Fort Bend County, And Webster County. You’ll Find Us In Courtrooms Defending Clients From Houston, Conroe, Katy, Clear Lake, Galveston, Sugar Land, And The Woodlands. We Also Serve The Hill Country Area Including Bandera, Kerrville, Fredericksburg, San Antonio, And Austin.




What Can I Expect If Convicted Of A DWI?

Your Punishment And Fines For A First Conviction Depend Upon A Few Factors That Can Escalate Your Punishment And Fines. Depending Upon Your Blood Or Breath Alcohol Level (BAC), You Could Be Charged With A Class A Or B Misdemeanor.

If Your BAC Less Than .15, You’ll Be Charged With A Class B Misdemeanor And Face:

> The Possibility Of A Fine No More Than $2,000 And/Or

> 3 To 180 Days In Jail And

> A Suspended Driver License From 90 To 365 Days

Those Penalties Escalate If Your BAC Is .15 Or More. Now You’ll Face A Class A  Misdemeanor, Which Incurs:

> A Fine Not To Exceed $4,000 And

> Up To 1 Year In The County Jail.

Let’s Say You Have An Open Container In Your Vehicle When You Are Arrested. If You Are Convicted, The Punishment Increases Requiring:

> A Minimum Jail Sentence Of 6 Days (Instead Of 3 Days).

> You’ll Be Assessed An Annual Tax (Called A Surcharge) Of $1,000-$2,000 By The Texas Department Of Public Safety (DPS) To Retain Your Driver’s License.

Your Bond Condition On A First-Offense DWI It Entirely Up To The Court. But, If You Are Charged With A Subsequent Offense Of DWI Or A First Offense Of Intoxicated Assault Or Manslaughter In Texas, You Must Install A Vehicle Ignition Interlock Device On Your Car. Also, Any Motor Vehicle You Operate Must Be Equipped With An Interlock Device. This Interlock Device Detects A Certain Level Of Alcohol On Your Breath And Temporarily Disables The Vehicle If That Level Is Detected.

2017 DWI Non-Disclosure Law Provides A Second Chance To First-Time Offenders

In 2017, A Law Was Signed Allowing First-Time DWI Offenders With A BAC Of .08 To .14 To Apply For A “Non-Disclosure.” If You Agree To Install An Ignition Interlock Device On Your Vehicle, The Provision Restricts Who Can See Your Criminal Record.. You Can Apply For A Non-Disclosure Two Years After The End Of Your Probation, But You Must Have An Ignition Interlock Device On Your Vehicle For 6 Months During The Non-Disclosure Period. If You Decide Not To Have The Device Installed, You Must Wait 5 Years After Your Probation To Apply.

What If I’m Convicted Of DWI A Second Time?

The Lawyers At Trichter & LeGrand Advocate That You Fight Aggressively If You Are Charged With DWI The First Time Because The Penalties For Subsequent DWI Convictions Are So Severe. If You Are Charged For A Second Offense DWI, You’ll Face:

> A Maximum Fine Increases Up To $4,000.00 And/Or

> Jail From 30 Days To One Year, And

> A Possible Driver’s License Suspension Ranging From 180 Days To 2 Years (Class A Misdemeanor)

What If I’m Convicted Of DWI A Third Time?

If You Are Convicted Of A DWI For The Third Time, You’ll Face A Third-Degree Felony And The Penalties And Fines Become Much More Severe. You May Receive

> A Fine Up To $10,000.00 And/Or

> 2 To 10 Years Of Imprisonment (Keep In Mind That Imprisonment Is In A State-Run Penal Institution Whereas Jail Is A County-Run Institution)

> Suspension Of Your Driver’s License From 180 Days To 2 Years.

> With Your Felony Conviction, You’ll Be Disqualified From Voting And Possessing A Firearm

Being Charged With DWI Is Life-Altering. If You Are Faced With DWI Charges–Whether It’s Your First, Second, Third Or More–Get The Help You Need And Call The Attorneys At Trichter & LeGrand To Fight For Your Rights.

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