The Dangers of an Open Container in DWI Offenses

The simple answer is just don’t have an open container of alcohol in your car while you’re driving. If an officer pulls you over for a traffic violation, it can lead to much more serious charges. Here’s why..

The Skills That Make A DWI Specialist More Effective

There are many skills that make a DWI Specialist more effective long before a client walks in the door. We are constantly learning and studying both the current and new science behind breath and blood testing.

How DWI Field Sobriety Tests Are Designed for Failure

DWI Field sobriety tests are not designed to help you, they are designed to fail you. Before he was a Criminal Defense DWI Specialist Lawyer, Attorney J. Gary Trichter spent seven years in law enforcement. Officers are told how to use the standardized Filed Sobriety Tests without using their own judgement and looking at what is fair.

To Take or Not to Take the DWI Breath or Blood Tests

Taking the breath or blood tests administered by police during a DWI arrest is a huge mistake. The breath test is inaccurate and it doesn’t save the evidence for later testing. Watch my video to understand what DWI specialist lawyers in Houston know that can hurt your case if it’s in the hands of another lawyer.