The Role of A DWI Criminal Defense Attorney

The job of any criminal defense attorney is to ensure that the rights of his or her client are fully protected. DWI Lawyer Gary Trichter outlines what you should expect when you hire your attorney.

Public Intoxication Versus Driving While Intoxicated

What’s the difference between being publicly intoxicated (PI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI)? Houston DWI Attorney Gary Trichter explains that you actually have to more intoxicated to be P.I. than you do to be DWI.

The Unfairness of DWI Roadside Exercises

When an officer asks your to exit your vehicle and perform field sobriety tests, the cards are stacked against you already. The officer doesn’t tell you what he’s looking for or how you’ll be graded. Houston DWI Attorney Gary Trichter explains why these test are unfair and why an attorney who understands DWI can help you.

Impaired Driving Versus Drunk Driving

Houston DWI Attorney Gary Trichter explains the difference between impaired driving and drunk driving and what’s “normal” driving for most people as defined by Texas law.