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Our Founding Fathers were really geniuses and very much afraid of BIG Government. 

That fear compelled their creation of many checks and balances to be built into the Constitution to protect us from the Government. 

Article V is one of those checks and provides two ways of amending the Constitution.

The first method allows Congress to initiate the amendment process by having two-thirds of both houses agree on an amendment. 

Once done, the proposal is then submitted to the States for ratification. 

When three-quarters of the States (38 of 50) approve the proposal, it automatically becomes the law of the land. 

In terms of passing an amendment that would curtail Congress’ self interest in protecting its power and benefits, the Founders realized that asking the House and Senate to do so was akin to asking the wolf to guard a herd of sheep.

Understanding that wolf hunger, human nature and the reality that Congress would try to protect itself and its power, the Founders established a safety valve amendment process. 

This second way excludes Congress from the initiation process. 

Here, this second method allows two-thirds of the States to demand that Congress call an Article V convention. 

Once done, either State Legislatures or State Delegates vote on amendments. Where three-fourths of the States (38 of 50) agree on an amendment, it becomes the law of the land. 

The law goes into effect when the 38th State ratifies it. 

No Congressional, presidential or Judicial signature or order is needed for it to take effect.

With the above in mind, we here at T & M suggest the following 15 Simple Changes that will make America American!

1 . Term Limits: no President, Senator or representative shall be elected to more than 2 terms for that office.

2. Congress’ Pay and Sequester: no member of Congress shall escape the same pay decrease when others within the government are suffering a pay cut.

3. Congress’ Benefits: no member of Congress shall have any greater health insurance coverage than any comparable and regular federal employee.

4. The Rights reserved by the Amendments are to be preserved and not violated. If a Right has been violated, there will NOT be any circumstances that excuse the violation. No evidence obtained by violating a person’s constitutional rights is admissible in any criminal or civil trail.

5. No person shall be compelled to give any type of evidence against themselves, absent judicial authorization, based on a sworn affidavit establishing proof by preponderance.

6. No person shall be denied assistance of counsel when detained by a law enforcement representative.

7. All persons shall be annually taxed at a flat rate of 10% of their income.

8. All persons receiving welfare, absent a medical waiver, must work through a Work Project’s Administration in order to continue receiving assistance.

9. All  persons, at age 18, are to serve in the armed services, for a minimum  period of 4 years.

10. The Government is prohibited from annually spending more money then it is budgeted to receive.

11.  Federal judges do not serve for life. A judge can serve for one 12 year term on each level appointed.

12. Veterans health care  and benefits shall be at least the same as that received by Congress.

13. Only persons, under the age of 65 and who pay their required income taxes, can vote. All military, past and present, can vote.

14. All congressional representatives cannot raise $ for campaigning. Every person wanting to run for office must obtain a certain % of supporting signatures from the population where they reside. Once a candidate obtains the requisite number of signatures, they will receive federal campaign funds. No private funds can be spent and  all candidates can only spend the same amount.

15. All of Congress and the President shall take this new oath office:

I , _____________, swear that I have read and fully understand the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. As a representative of the People, I promise to uphold and defend the Unalienable Rights of the People and the Constitution of the United States. Moreover, I swear and promise that I will always chose the needs of the People over the wants of a political party.


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