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What happens to my pilot’s license if I’m arrested for DWI?

DWI and pilot license do not mix. The penalties are severe and potentially career ending. If you are a licensed pilot and you’ve been convicted of DWI, you must file a pilot’s first-class medical application and report your status within 60 days of your conviction to the FAA as well as to the Civil Action Security Division in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

DWI and Pilot’s License: The Effects

Also, if your driver’s license has been suspended because you refused the breath or blood test, you must report the actions taken by the court as a result of your DUI conviction. Further, if your pilot’s license is suspended through DMV proceedings, you must report to the FAA Civil Action Security Division within 60 days. It’s important that you report your DWI conviction or driver’s license suspension, because failure to do so will risk further, even sharper penalties including loss of your pilot’s license