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What special conditions are placed upon bond for DWI in Texas?

For a first offense, DWI bond conditions are a matter of discretion for the court. However, if you are charged with a subsequent offense of DWI in Texas or a first offense of intoxicated assault or manslaughter in Texas, you are required to install a vehicle ignition interlock device on your car and are not allowed to operate a motor vehicle that is not equipped with an interlock device. This interlock device determines the presence of alcohol in your breath. If the device detects a certain level of alcohol, the vehicle is temporarily disabled.

DWI Bond and Interlock Devices

A judge may, however, decide that justice would not be served by installing an interlock device on your vehicle, and can excuse its installation. Conversely, some judges require that all DWI defendants, even first offenders, install an interlock device on their car. In certain circumstances, the court may prohibit operation of a motor vehicle, period.

Additionally, the court may order an accused to abstain from alcohol and non-prescribed drugs. The court will enforce this order by drug testing; an interlock device with ordered, scheduled blows; a portable interlock device in cases where no driving has been ordered; or, in extreme cases, a SCRAM device, which is an ankle monitor that must be worn 24 hours a day that continuously monitors for alcohol consumption.