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New Reality Show Looking for Legal Disputes for New Pilot

If you or someone you know is involved in a legal problem, but you don’t have the resources, patience or the desire to take them to court, bring it to “Heartland Justice.”

This new show, based on the concept of Texas’ old-time circuit-riding judges, will spotlight residents in Texas who are facing real legal dilemmas that can be settled by using the old-fashioned common sense solutions associated with the Code of the West. All issues on the show are reviewed and handled by an experienced legal team with judicial backing.

Some possible issues that could qualify to appear on “Heartland Justice” include:

  • Involvement in a family feud
  • Property dispute
  • Problems with a neighbor
  • Troubling situations in the community that need immediate attention
  • Equipment failure that could have stemmed from a less-than-honest seller
  • Interference with a successful livestock operation
  • Major business dispute
  • Disputes over pay

If you need immediate legal assistance and have nowhere else to turn, you could appear on the show’s pilot. See this article is the Bandera County Courier: Legal Problems Settled by Code of the West for more information.

If you’re interested in submitting your issue, send an email to majorstudiocasting@gmail.com and use the subject “HEARTLAND JUSTICE.” Please include your name, contact information, recent photos and an explanation of the current legal issue. If there’s interest, the show’s producers will contact you.