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Political Correctness has been defined as “agreeing with the idea that people should be careful not to use language or behave in a way that could offend a particular group of people.” 

Some say it is a good thing while others say it is not. 

In fact, some say Political Correctness has gone way to far, has gone mad, and is destroying the very moral independent thinking fabric of our society.

Lawyers Gary Trichter and John Payne are in the latter group of thought. 

Indeed, they are of the mindset that Political Correctness is a real and present danger to America. 

Here are some of their thoughts:

  • Political correctness is the currently accepted way of disseminating lies.
  • Political correctness is the vocal minority’s way of controlling the silent majority.
  • Political correctness is the enemy of YOUR Constitution.
  • Political correctness is the enemy of your liberty and freedom.
  • Political correctness is the grim reaper to our Republic.
  • Political correctness is a major vehicle used to defraud the American people.
  • Political correctness paves the way for tyranny.
  • Political correctness disenfranchises you of your unalienable rights guaranteed to you by YOUR Constitution.
  • Political Correctness is a phrase used to justify Unfairness.
  • Political Correctness is an lame excuse for Unjust Entitlement.
  • Anything with the phrase “political” in it can’t really be correct.
  • Unjust Entitlement is the seed of “political correctness.”
  • Political Correctness means that some innocent person is gonna get unfairly dumped on.
  • Political Correctness is something bullies sell to justify their unjust actions.
  • Allowing “Politically Correct” unjust entitlement only breeds undeserved equality.
  • Political Correctness can never really be correct.
  • It is better to have the courage to say “yes” to what is really right than to give into fear of what may happen to you if you don’t say “yes” to what is politically correct.
  • This country will continue to  morally decline until the silent majority tells the vocal minority “No More Political Correctness”!
  • A vocal minority preaching “Political Correctness” will always dominate a silent majority as long as the majority lets it do so.


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