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One of the many benefits of having a criminal defense attorney who is a DWI Specialist by the National College for DUI Defense, like J. Gary Trichter, is their level of preparedness. They prepare by analyzing the different aspects of a DWI case long before the client walks in the door. They also prepare by applying their acute understanding of the science of how alcohol affects the body—not just in general, but how it affects people INDIVIDUALLY, because alcohol’s effect on an individual is as unique as a fingerprint.


Defense attorneys who are DWI Specialists understand anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics and physiology, and we have libraries of research, case studies and experience that we’ve amassed over time. This includes research on specific officers—including local police, sheriff’s deputies, county constables and state troopers—that indicates which officers are good or bad.


At Trichter & LeGrand, we do our own background checks on officers using the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Records Act. We’ll request information on an arresting officer and gain a keen understanding of what kind of official he or she is. In most cases we’re gratified to know when an officer is a good officer, but sometimes we are saddened to find that there are bad officers enforcing our laws.

For instance, we know of one trooper with our Texas Department of Public Safety who has been recommended by his peers to be terminated twice for dishonesty. We know this because we accessed his records.


A DWI Specialist combines knowledge of science with effective criminal defense acumen and skills to turn over every rock until he or she finds something that may make the difference in the ability to mount a proper defense. If an attorney isn’t willing to do that job, then they shouldn’t be doing legal work to help people. For us, it’s a matter of routine—we do it because it’s our job.

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Amanda S.
Amanda S.
03:38 22 Nov 19
I hired Attorney Aaron White to represent me with my DWI case. He helped me through a very frightening experience. I... had Had no idea what was going to happen to me next after one bad decision I made. Attorney Mr. Aaron White assured me he was going to do everything he can to help me with my case. He was there with me during every moment. He is very professional, kind, showed tremendous concern and care while dealing with my case. I am beyond thankful for everything he helped me with. In the end my case was DISMISSED. THANK YOU Trichter & LeGrand Team for more
George Hicklin
George Hicklin
23:37 22 Oct 19
They say a man is only as good as his word. Gary Trichter is true example of that. I was charged with 2 DWIs about a... month apart. I am a veteran with multiple deployments and HAD substance abuse issues with alcohol. I'll skip the details because I finally got the help that I never wanted to seek. I had just graduated to be a Physical Therapist. I thought everything I had worked so hard for was going to be nothing but a dream. Lucky enough I got referred to Gary Trichter through a coworker. Gary had some stern instructions for me, but I followed them as he instructed. A year later, today, after going through Veterans Treatment Court both DWI cases are dismissed. I could tell Gary had my back from day one and was going to get me the help I so desperately needed. Not only are my cases dismissed, I also got pyscholgoical help to ease the pain of PTSD that I had been fighting for several years. Thank you Gary for standing by your word!read more
Jennifer Sledge
Jennifer Sledge
08:27 13 Aug 19
Do not call anyone else. I refer all my clients to Leslie hands down. No matter where you are in Texas the best hands... down!! I have known him for years.... Great Track record! I don't need to tell ya do your own more
Timothy Deluca
Timothy Deluca
19:01 17 May 19
Gary, thank you for your opinion regarding my circumstance, and thorough instructions. You gave me clear and concise... instructions with price options and helped me understand the logic behind them. I was impressed with the amount of document collection you gave me the option to complete (or have you or a local lawyer complete at a higher expense) in order to prepare for disclosing to the FAA. The details you explained in collection process made clear that you have a lot of experience and want all the ammunition you can get to genuinely help. The phone call we had, and communications with your staff gave me a lot of confidence in your ability to help me more than the lawyers I talked to prior. I'm glad I found your video on more
Stephanie Martinez
Stephanie Martinez
19:57 05 Apr 19
Thank you to my attorney Greg Houlton for making this situation better than what it could’ve been. He never missed a... court date and always got back to me when I had any questions about anything. I will for sure recommend anyone that needs an attorney to him. Thanks again Greg!read more
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