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Why We Like Video in DWI Cases

Video in DWI cases has been one of the best things law enforcement has done to assist them in showing the truth. While the act of taking video is a right you cannot refuse, the fact is, video simply does not lie. It shows exactly how you behaved and how you sounded when the officer pulled you over. It also shows how their evaluation and sobriety tests were conducted.

Video is a great “leveler” for people who don’t tell the truth whether it’s the accused or the arresting officer. Because law enforcement is trained to evaluate drivers with a different set of eyes, they sometimes see only what they are looking for as opposed to what really happened. There are plenty of cases where an arresting officer describes a very different person in their arrest report than what a jury may see on video when a trained DWI Specialist points out the facts.

So, the next time you’re wrongly arrested for DWI, smile for the camera because the facts will be on your side.